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Just visiting or new to Vancouver Island or Victoria BC and looking to meet new adventurous people? Looking for that next challenge, that hidden gem or maybe just to develop some new outdoor skills? Or maybe you are just looking for that outdoor adventure fun event to do with your friends with the hassle handled. Whatever your reasons are, WEA's outdoor adventure programs for adults has something for you! We offer multi-day expeditions, ski trips, day trips, outdoor-geared fitness classes, introductory-advanced outdoor skills workshops, courses and more, you name it, we probably do it or can do it! This isn't just a guiding company, many of our programs are run by outdoor professionals choosing to volunteer their time. They want to meet new people too and this helps us keep the costs super low on many programs and events! Check out one of our exciting programs below and get outside! Click here to read more!



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Hiking Difficulty Scale

In order to have a succesful hiking experience, you need to have a base level of fitness and physical ability. This scale is intended to give clients an idea of the challenges they face while on our guided hikes.

Easy These hikes are relatively flat with level, gravel trails most of the time and are no longer than 3km. They may have some uneven surfaces but not for very long. Easy hikes are a great introduction to hiking and are typically suitable for most people that have some physical fitness. If you can walk 5km on flat terrain and up the occasional small hill in the city, you should be able to do this hike.
Moderate A moderate hike has some flat and some steep sections with loose rock and an uneven trail surface. Distances are usually 4-9km. Steeper sections are often short with a flat section not far away. These hikes are the next step in physical challenge and are typically suitable for mostly active people that walk longer distances or jog weekly. Find a steep hill in the city that is at least 200m long. You should be able to walk up and down it at least 8 times to enjoy this hike.
Challenging A challenging hike is typically longer than 10km and has several steep, rocky and uneven sections. On a flat surface in the city, you should be able to at least run 3km. You should be able to do a moderate hike without being very tired at the end before attempting this hike.
Very Challenging These hikes are typically longer than 16km and have longer, more exposed sections compared to challenging-level hikes. You should be able to run more than 5km in the city and should have significant hiking experience on a regular basis before attempting this hike.