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WEA understands that finding child care programs with spaces available in Victoria BC can be an issue any time, especially when it comes to school pro-d days. Competing for limited child care spaces in the various pro-d day camps and daycares in the Greater Victoria BC area can be extremly challenging. Furthermore, children are often bored and indoors! In response to this issue, WEA created it's outdoor pro-d day camp program, a great pro-d day child care solution.

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Something active and outside!

Victoria BC & Sooke BC

$105 7 - 13
Sept 23, 2024 Mount Quimper Hike & Geocache 1 Space Available
Oct 25, 2024 Survival Skills 1 Space Available
Nov 22, 2024 Wilderness Navigation 1 Space Available

Availability updated Mar 31, 2024



In a Rush or Have Questions Before You Register for WEA's Pro-D Day Camp?

Call us now at 250-888-1622 and talk to a real person!! If you can't talk now, please click on the following button to take you to the contact request survey (takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are inquiring about financial assistance for any of our pro-d day camps, summer camps, spring break camps or any other programs or camps, Click here.


Pro-D Day Camp Pick-Up & Drop-Off Locations & Times

All transportation from the below locations to and from our activity locations are included in our program fee.

Hyacinth Park (Saanich) 08:15 17:10 Marigold Rd @ Interurban.
West Hills (Langford) 08:35 16:50 Westshore Parkway @ Constellation Avenue
Fred Milne Park (Sooke) - All Programs Except Mount Quimper Hike & Geocache 09:05 16:25 Sooke River Road @ Highway 14 in Sooke
Harbourview Road Parking Lost (Sooke) - Mount Quimper Hike & Geocache Only 09:05 16:25 End of Harbourview Road in Sooke

Where is Mount Quimper? - Hike Pro-D Day Camp Program

Our hiking Pro-D Day Camps includes a hike to Mount Manuel Quimper in the Sooke Hills west of Victoria. The program runs from 09:15 to 16:15 departing from and returning to the Harbourview Rd. trailhead parking lot.

What to bring - Pro-D Day Camps

Backpack, at least a 1L Water bottle, lunch, extra snacks, waterproof sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wide brimmed sun hat (May to Sept only, regular hat other times), long sleeve sun shirt (May to Sept only), rain jacket, rain pants (optional), fleece or wool sweater, t-shirt, shorts, long pants, running shoes, hiking boots (optional but highly recommended), water shoes (optional), rainboots, swimsuit, towel, black garbage bag (hike day only) and a full change of clothes.

Additional items for Camps running November - March

Additional what to bring Nov-March: Please bring fleece gloves, ski gloves, toque & warm winter jacket. If snowy, please bring snow pants and snow boots.

Please Consider:
  • The program will run rain or shine so please avoid cotton as much as possible!
  • Please do not pack any nuts or peanuts with your child.
  • Please do not pack any electronics other than a watch or camera with your child.
  • Given the cold temperatures at this time of year, children without the proper gear may either be charged a fee of $50 per item missing or be sent home.

  • The WEA Pro-D Day Camp Advantage

    We believe that youth programming should be safe, fun and staffed by the best people in the industry.

    WEA Team Members:

  • Have years of experience working with kids
  • Are focused on safety
  • Recognize the value of outdoor play and skills
  • Are committed to making a difference in kids’ lives
  • Are highly qualified, certified & earn living wages
  • WEAdventure Pro-D Day Camps Provide:

  • Industry-leading outdoor programs
  • Convenient pick-up & drop-off locations
  • Flexible, exceptional customer service
  • Safety-focused, educational programming
  • High-quality equipment and food (where applicable)
  • Maximum staff to participant ratios of 2:14
  • Financial assistance

  • "An awesome camp in a beautiful setting where kids learn outdoor survival skills, go on challenging adventures, and have lots of fun outdoors."

    -Joanna Preston


    Pro-D Day Camp Descriptions

    WEA offers 3 school year pro-d day camp programs - our survival skills, navigation skills and hike programs. Survival skill activities include fire-building and shelter-building. Navigation skills includes wilderness navigation basics. Hike program includes hiking, geocaching and forest games. All of our programs are educationally focused, which means your children will not only have a great experience, but will learn something too!

    Day Hike & Geocaching

    Unlike any pro-d day camp or daycare program, this pro-d day camp is designed to compliment the "Outdoor Navigation Basics" program while also being a fun stand-alone program. We will be hiking through the wilderness on a beautiful, local mountain with amazing views. This unique day camp in victoria will teach your child some basic group management skills as well as how to use a GPS and geocache.

    What is geocaching? Geocaching is a GPS treasure hunt for little boxes, bottles or other containers with mystery contents that are hidden in wilderness and urban areas throughought the world.

    Survival Skills

    During our survival skills pro-d day camps, your child will learn how to build fires and shelters by using only using materials found in the forest. The shelters will be tested to determine how waterproof they are - so bring a change of clothes! After the main event has concluded the group will play fun outdoor nature games like deer ears, commandos, wave and more!

    Wilderness Navigation

    Youth learn the basics of orienteering & outdoor navigation during WEA'S Wilderness Navigation pro-d day camp! After the main event has concluded the group will play fun outdoor nature games similar to those of played during the survival skills pro-d day camp

    Ski & Snow Pro-D Day Camps

    Wondering about our Pro-D Day ski & snow skills programs? Click Here

    The Pro-D Day Camp Experience

    Above all, our Pro-D Day camps are more fun than you can imagine! Youth & children will experience many different types of kids activities in an amazing outdoor environment! The program utilizes various locations & facilities within the Greater Victoria BC area, including, the Sooke hills, lakes, streams, fields, forests, fire pits, cooking shelters, an archery range and many other ammenities! Participants learn about nature, camping skills, leadership and more. The best part - they don’t even realize it!

    Our Pro-D Day Camps Promote Leadership & Personal Growth

    Modern youth do not get very many opportunities to learn life skills including how to lead others, manage conflict and think for themselves. Western Educational Adventure’s Pro-D Day camps focus specifically on these skills. This is not like regular child care for pro-d days. Your child will have tonnes of fun while learning valuable life skills that can be utilized for their entire life.

    Core Program Activities

    This is a list of the main children's activities we typically run during Pro-D Day Camps. Activities depend on the main program focus that day and may vary from pro-d day camp to pro-d day camp:

  • Fire-building
  • Forest games
  • Shelter-building
  • Swimming
  • The animal game/predator-prey
  • Hiking
  • Orienteering
  • Outdoor Navigation
  • Geocaching
  • Camp cooking
  • Skills Covered During WEA Pro-D Day Camps

    • Leadership • Decision Making • Conflict Management • Group Management • Route Planning • Navigation • Swimming • Camping Practices • Cooking • Fire building • Knife and Stove Safety


    General Safety

    Western Educational Adventures takes safety seriously at all times during all our pro-d day camps and other camps and programs. Not only do we want our participants to have an exceptional time at all our camps, but just as importantly, we want them to return home safe and sound. All of Western Educational Adventures staff are certified in high level first aid and have years of experience managing risk in the outdoors. You won’t find a more qualified staff team anywhere else!

    WEA & Infectious Diseases

    WEA takes sickness and infectious diseases very seriously at all our camps. Our policies and procedures regarding infectious diseases are science based and reviewed by medical professionals. Click on the button below to view our infectious disease policy.

    Registration for Pro-D Day Camps

    If you want to sign up, the process is simple. Here’s what you do:

    Step 1: Create an account on our registration software

    Fill in your email and create a password

    Step 2: Create your profile

    Input your information. This is a one time step, your info will be there for the rest of this season!

    Step 3: Sign-Up for the program

    Input your child (or children's information), select the program(s) you wish to register for.

    Step 4: Submit your registration and payment

    Step 5: Let your child (or children) have fun and learn!

    **All personal information provided will not be shared with third parties unless it is relevant to the participants well being or quality of experience**

    In a Rush or Have Questions Before You Register?

    Call us now at 250-888-1622 and talk to a real person!! or, if you can't talk now, please complete the following contact information survey (takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete) and we will get back to you within 2-5 business days. If you are inquiring about financial assistance, Click here.


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