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Are you a returning family or new family looking for something more challenging or different than WEA's Classic Summer Day Camp? Our Adventure X Day Camp program takes outdoor adventure in Victoria BC to the next level. Each week children get to choose what activities they do from a list of extra-adventure activities. Options typically include things like wilderness navigation, fishing, full day lake canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking, outdoor cooking, marine exploration, advanced archery, joining in on a day of Classic Camp and more. Like our Classic Day Camp program, Fridays are a fun-filled day hike to a distant, awe-inspiring location. This program is intended for kids with lots of energy who are physically fit and able to push themselves (within reason). For more info on physical fitness and Adventure X activities, etc, CLICK HERE. Apply for our new, exciting summer leadership program today!

Dates & Rates - Not just another Teen Summer Camp!

Victoria, BC & Sooke, BC
About Pricing
  • Prices include transportation & tax
  • Returning families must email WEA for a discount code
  • Limited spaces available at discounted prices
  • There is an application process for this program
    14-16 Mixed 5 days
    RATE 5-DAY
    Returning families before Feb 20 $545 + GST
    Regular Price $650 - $750 + GST
    Optional Wednesday night overnight $95 + GST for the night
    1 Jul 11 - 15, 2022 Waitlisting
    2 Aug 29 - Sept 2, 2022 Waitlisting

    Availability updated June 10, 2022. Live availability can be found on our registration software.


    "My 14 year old son had a great time at summer camp (overnight). It was a multi-age camp which is a bit unusual, but provides a unique experience for kids to learn and be a leader outside of their usual school age cohort. I like that the camp if fairly low-key and provides time for reflection and personal growth. I imagine this may be a less competitive atmosphere than some of the larger camps. The programming was good and varied. A great bonus from the camp was my son willingly offered to take out the garbage and recycling when he arrived home. He has continued to offer to do chores and contribute more to the household routines! Thanks Landon!"


    In a Rush or Have Questions Before You Register for any of our Teen Adventure Camp BC?

    Call us now at 250-888-1622 and talk to a real person!! or, if you can't talk now, please click on the following button to take you to the contact information survey (takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete) and we will get back to you within 2-5 business days. If you are inquiring about financial assistance, Click here.


    Teen Summer Camp - Where, When & What

    Teen Leadership Candidates make their own schedule for the week, choosing the activities that interest them most and work best with their schedule. The program takes place in various outdoor and wilderness settings as chosen by the participants. These parks and natural areas may include Sea to Sea Regional Park, District of Sooke Parks, Matheson Lake & more. But don't worry, you will still pick-up and drop-off at the same time/place every day. Exact activities may vary from week to week depending on weather, group dynamics and camper input. You can view our sample schedule for the Adventure X below, a very similar program.


    Greater Victoria Area Day Camps - Transportation Times & Locations

    You need to have dropped-off or picked up your camper before the departure time. If you need to drop-off earlier or pick-up later, please let us know at least one week before the summer camp begins and we may be able to accommodate your needs. All participants are driven by professional drivers.

    Hyacinth Park (Saanich) 08:20 16:20 Marigold Rd in Saanich
    West Hills (Langford) 08:35 15:50 West Hills Dr. @ Langford Lake Rd.
    Fred Milne Park (Sooke) 09:00 15:25 Sooke River Road @ Highway 14 in Sooke
    ***Please note that some days (typically Fridays) the program runs 1.5 hours longer.***

    Day Camp Optional Overnight Add-On

    The optional overnight “sleepaway” for our day summer camps run every Wednesday evening. A packing list will be made available after registration. Teens wishing to attend this will need to complete some additional screening as younger kids will be present.

    What To Bring On A Summer Adventure Day Camp for Teens

    Backpack with hipstraps suitable for long hikes, at least 2 1L water bottles, lunch, waterproof sunscreen, hand sanitizer, wide brimmed sun hat (summer only, regular hat other times), long sleeve sun shirt (summer only), rain jacket, rain pants (optional), fleece or wool sweater, t-shirt, shorts, long pants, running shoes, hiking boots (optional but highly recommended), water shoes and/or rainboots (recommended for creek and lake days), swimsuit, towel, black garbage bag (hike day only) and a full change of clothes. The program will run rain or shine so please avoid cotton as much as possible! Please do not pack any nuts, peanuts or electronics other than a watch or camera with your child. Also, the activities we run vary depending on weather. We do not provide a daily activity schedule. Please make sure you pack everything on the list every day.

    As we operate our programs 100% outside and often in wilderness environments, it is essential that all families pack all items on our packing list. Failing to do so may compromise your childs safety and experience.

    Additional for the day camp optional overnight: Headlamp/flashlight, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, toothbrush, toothpaste, medications, warm sweater, sleeping clothes, bowl or plate, fork, spoon, cup and clothes for the next day.

    Link to sun shirts

    Link to sun hats

    If you need to rent gear, we rent backpacks, fleeces, rain jackets & rain paints. Pricing and information is available on our registration software. Backpacks are rented for hike days only.

    The WEA Day Camp Advantage

    We believe that youth summer camp programming should be safe, fun and staffed by the best people in the industry.

    WEA Team Members:

  • Have years of experience working with kids
  • Are focused on safety
  • Recognize the value of outdoor play and skills
  • Are committed to making a difference in kids’ lives
  • Are highly qualified, certified & earn living wages
  • WEAdventures Provides:

  • Industry-leading outdoor programs
  • Convenient pick-up & drop-off locations
  • Flexible, exceptional customer service
  • Safety-focused, educational programming
  • High-quality equipment and food (where applicable)
  • Maximum staff to participant ratios of 2:12
  • Financial assistance

  • "All my experiences with Landon have been positive. I have learned lots and have had some of the best experiences of my life with him. If I have had any questions about first-aid, hiking, kayaking, or navigation he has always had an answer. When I have had a problem, Landon is there to help and is willing to go above and beyond to help resolve my issue."



    Teen Leadership Summer Camp - The Experience

    Above all, our Victoria area Teen Summer camp program is an action-packed, fun-filled outdoor experience that will challenge teens to learn, grow and develop some employable skills. The program utilizes many amazing natural areas on Southern Vancouver Island. Teens will come home, fulfilled, exhausted, with a new sense of self and confidence. This camp is specifically designed for those who have participated in our camps before and/or those with lots of energy and physical fitness with a craving for outdoor adventure and exploration.

    "I have known Landon for over five years. In that time he has been a great mentor and a friend. My experience in outdoor education with him involves a kayaking trip through the Broughton Archipelago and canoe trip around the Sayward circuit. Landon has proven himself as an outstanding guide and an even better mentor. His commitment and effort to his work reflect the passion he has for outdoor education. If it hadn't of been for Landon, I might never have found my love for the outdoors. "


    Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness is an important part of our Adventure X & Summer Teen Leadership program. For more information on physical fitness, CLICK HERE.

    Summer Camp Leadership and Personal Growth

    Modern young people do not get very many opportunities to learn life skills including how to be employable, hold a job, lead others, manage conflict and think for themselves. Western Education Adventure’s day camps program focuses specifically on these life skills while teaching youth wilderness and outdoor adventure skills.

    Teen Leadership Summer Day Camps - Core Program Activities

    Every week participants choose from a variety of outdoor adventure activities (below). While activities may vary from week to week depending on the weather and group input, this list contains our main Teen Leadership camp Victoria program activities:

  • Classic Day Camp Activities
  • Fishing
  • Wilderness Navigation
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Canoe Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Advanced Archery
  • Distance Hiking
  • Orienteering
  • Advanced Geocaching
  • Marine Exploration
  • Wilderness Day Trips
  • Outdoor Certifications Overview
  • Resume Building
  • Employment Skills
  • About Potential Future Work Experience
  • About Potential Future Employment with WEA
  • Some of the skills Teens may learn during WEA’s Daytime Summer Leadership Camps, Victoria BC

    • Leadership • Communication • Decision Making • Conflict Management • Group Management • Navigation • Canoe and Water Safety • Canoe Rescues • Swimming • Kayaking • Archery • Camping Practices • Food packing • Cooking • Fire building • Knife and Stove Safety


    Our Summer Camps Encourage Safety

    General Safety

    Western Educational Adventures takes safety seriously. Not only do we want our participants to have an exceptional time, but just as importantly, we want them to return home safe and sound. All of Western Educational Adventures staff are certified in high level first aid and have years of experience managing risk in the outdoors. You won’t find a more qualified kids summer camp staff team anywhere else!

    "Our Daughter spent two weeks last Summer at Camp Barnard. She really enjoyed herself learning how to paddle in a canoe, make a campfire, and build a shelter. Landon is a great leader and his company makes it easy for kids to get out into the wilderness in a safe and inclusive environment."

    -Stefano Mosi

    WEA & Infectious Diseases

    With the recent significant reduction of public health restrictions, we are re-evaluating our infectious disease policy. For information on our specific policy at the moment, please contact us.


    Teens must submit an application and complete an interview in order to be considered for the program. The purpose of the application process is to make sure teens actually want to be a part of the program and that the program is a good fit for them. The process is as follows:

    Step 1: Complete the Application form below

    Fill in all required information.

    Step 2: Letters of Reference

    At least one letter of reference from an adult unrelated to the candidate must be submitted to WEA via email. This includes coaches, teachers, scout leaders, etc.

    Step 5: Interview

    Teens will be need to attend a 15 - 45 min interview.

    Step 6: Consideration

    WEA will consider the teens application and get back to the family as soon as we reach a decision.

    Step 7: Payment & Registration

    If succesful, families will need to complete the registration and payment process within 2 weeks of acceptance.

    **All personal information provided will not be shared with third parties unless it is relevant to the participants well being or quality of experience**

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